Will all remotes work on all gates and doors?
Short answer no! You need to buy the correct remote control to match the receiver you intend using.

I have seen self learning remotes in the department stores, will they work ?
Sometimes yes. We get varying reports on these. Some get them to work but more times than not they do not.

What range does my remote control work from?
The range you will get from your remote control varies depending on the surroundings. Most remote controls sold these days work on 433mhz frequency and will typically achieve about 30 metres in reasonable conditions. In tough environmental conditions range can be as little as a few metres whilst in some of the semi rural areas with little wireless competition customers have reported 100 metres with an antenna. You can generally double the existing range by using a tuned 433mhz antenna.

Can I get longer range remote controls?
Yes. We often use more powerful remote controls to achieve distances of up to 500 metres with receivers and antennas. The trade off is price and size of remotes.

What can effect the range of my remote control?
Many things effect the range of remote controls. Correct antenna installation, depleted battery power in your remote, atmospheric conditions, presence of other strong radio signals, and the list goes on.
Article on interference here.

Why does my remote suddenly lose range?
Increasingly homes are filled with wireless doorbells, cordless headphones, baby monitors and more, many of which operate on the same frequencies as gate openers. Unlike your gate remote control, which only broadcast while a button is pressed, devices like baby monitors can broadcast continuously. This can jam out your gates receiver. All receivers are equipped with AGC (automatic gain control). Put simply your receiver has the ability to turn it's sensitivity to signals up and down according to the signal strength it detects in the area. It then sits there listening for your code. When something else like a baby monitor starts transmitting in your area at a much greater strength your receiver turns it's sensitivity down. Whilst this stronger signal remains your transmitter signal is very weak and needs to be very close to the receiver to register, often within 5 cm. Frustratingly, the offending device can be over 200 metres away making it very hard to find. Not much that you can do except look for the stronger signal and try to negotiate it's removal or change your entire system - receiver and remotes.
Article on interference here.

Can I buy a new receiver and remotes to upgrade my old system?
Yes. The simplest way is to buy a stand alone receiver and the remote controls to match. This can then be connected to your existing system and you are in business.