Bi fold gates basically allow twice the opening width into half the space. For example if you had a four metre opening but only one metre of area in which to swing with a standard double swing gate there is simply no way. Using the bi fold gate kit allows the four metres to swing neatly into the one metre area leaving your four metres clear.
No room to slide your gate and limited in room to swing? The answer may be a bi fold or indeed a pair of bi fold gates. This Italian made bi fold gate kit is suitable for openings up to 5.0 metres wide but obviously you would save even more room by installing two 2.5 metre leaves folding back to approximately 1.25 metres. Gates can be easily automated and the kit comes with the additional hardware to turn your gate into a bi fold.
Bi Fold Gate Kit - Maximum Opening to 5000mm. BIFOLD - Complete kit for single gate - $1457.00
PHOTOCELLS - A must have if you use automatic closing function is photocells. Photocells provide an extra level of safety to prevent gates from closing on vehicles or pedestrians. Sliding gates can have a single set between the gate posts or multiple sets if desired at various heights. More information and a full list of product here.

ELECTRIC GATE LOCK - There is varied debate about when an automatic gate should have the extra security of an electric gate lock. The lock increases security and also protects your gate operating system. It operates automatically when you choose to open your gate. Check them out here.