Like any good business the Automatic Solutions group is only as good as its people. We currently employ about sixty people throughout our group with many more agents in regional areas.

We have stock all over the country with showrooms and warehouses in ten locations and many of our agents carry small amounts of popular products.
The Showrooms and warehouses -
You will find our showrooms and warehouses in most major cities and a number of large regional towns. All hold good stock of product and take weekly deliveries from the main warehouse. Most showrooms also have full fabrication facilities and installation teams and technicians.

New showrooms required -
All of our showrooms are privately owned and operated businesses and we would be happy to talk to anyone looking for a good five day a week business that opening a showroom represents. We are keen to have second showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These represent a great opportunity for existing gate businesses or electricians to expand and diversify. For more information -
Our Agents -
Where would we be without them. Our agents are typically small business people working in allied industries in small and large country towns. They work closely with their nearest showroom to complete installations both large and small in their communities.

Want to become an agent? -
Becoming an agent is not difficult. There is some paperwork involved and we need to ensure a good match for both of us and ensure a good result for our customers but the key ingredients are loyalty and integrity. Want to enquire -