With solar installations and some large installations it is professional and sensible to house all your controls and batteries in a single enclosure. These big galvanised enclosures are Australian made and great value for money. They keep things safe and dry and can be locked for security.

Allbro GRP Terminal Enclosures IP68

High Impact Electrical Terminal Box Enclosure for Tough Environments.
TERMINALSMALL - 250 high x 255 wide x 163 deep - $123.00
TERMINALLARGE - 250 high x 400 wide x 163 deep - $150.00

Allbrox 4 Deep GRP IP66 Enclosure complete with DMC Device Plate and Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets 400H x 300W x 200D

The Allbrox GRP Electrical Enclosure is a high quality wall mounted electrical enclosure with a hinged door, quarter turn locking, and internal device mounting plate. Stainless Steel hinges and wall mounting brackets are supplied standard with each enclosure.
This is a high quality enclosure finished with a high quality wind turbine coating.
Material: GRP (Sheet Moulding Compound), Coated with Relius Coatings RELEST® Wind I306 Colour
Operating Temperature: -50° C to + 200° C
Glow Wire Capability / Flammability: 960° / UL94 V0
Expected UV Life (Direct Exposure) 25 Years
IP Protection: IP66
ALLBROX4 - 400 high x 300 wide x 200 deep - $238.00

Large Tough Galvanised Enclosures

Built to handle big solar batteries with room to spare for controllers and accessories these galvanised enclosures will handle the weight and the conditions. Built right here in Australia.
FEDERAL4 - Large 450 wide x 450 high x 250 deep galv enclosure $188.00
FEDERAL5 - Medium 450 high x 225 wide x 250 deep galv enclosure - $177.00