Each Automatic Solutions branch is fully equipped to provide gates custom made to your design and specific sizes. Custom made gates can have matching fence panels and can be either DIY or full supply and install. Use our online system to get your quote or visit any branch with your ideas, drawings and sizes. If you need inspiration or help with design you might find our links below helpful.
Automatic gates need to be built robust and tough enough that they can withstand the rigors the automatic systems will subject them to. This often surprises some people but it is true that to open and close your gates in a variety of environments conditions the automation produces some fairly impressive torque for such small motors and exert a lot of pressure on the gate. So our gates need to be robust.

One of the reasons the motors are deigned to produce so much power is that they are designed and built in Europe (Italy). The Europeans have always built gates that are solid wrought iron style - not necessarily big in stature but heavy. It is not uncommon to see a pair of gates that may only be 1.5 metres wide each but up to 3 metres tall and weighing 500kg each. The motors are designed to open these big heavy gates. When we build lighter tubular style of gate that is popular in Australia the natural assumption is that this can only be good but in fact the automation has a tendency to "throw around" light weight gates. So as a consequence where possible we don't mind some weight because it makes for a smooth gate and adds to long term reliability.

Over the years we have seen aluminium and steel take prominence at different times in the gate market but usually as a result of price. Aluminium tends to get shunned when the raw price of aluminium rises.
There is a natural assumption that aluminium is maintenance free which is not strictly true as aluminium without regular care will deteriorate and corrode just like anything else but it is fair to say that as a general rule aluminium requires less maintenance than steel. However steel has it's advantages given its weight and strength and you will not find too many industrial gates built from aluminium. Personal choice should take place but always check with your consultant about the use and environment before making a decision.

We think so. A gate tends to be a fairly large item no matter where it is installed and in general will always look better with some heavy sections lending some dimension to the size. This of course is purely personal choice as there are plenty of examples of small slight sections used in some very impressive gates. If you are considering things from a security viewpoint however there will be no substitute for size and of course design. In the end it will come down to the objective of the gate and the aesthetics desired but we find that gates with larger sections tend to look more the part.